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You have made a serious investment in time, effort and money and you have a nice and functional website. Is this enough? Unfortunately, it isn’t. You want your website to show up to everyone looking for your company online or for products and services.

In order to achieve this, you need to make your website search engine-friendly. Taking that into account, you need a well structured strategy for optimizing your site for all major search engines, a concept known as search engine optimization or simply as SEO.

In makemysite we have the knowledge and experience to organize a comprehensive strategy to optimize your website and bring you the results you need. We have successfully done so to all who have trusted us today. Why not you?


What exactly is SEO:

What is SEO

The term Search Engine Optimization means a set of actions that need to be taken for a website to make it friendlier to search engines and by extension to the users of the website. When you do a search on Google or another search engine, you get two types of results: organic and paid results (Pay-Per-Click-type campaigns, manageable by Google Adwords and Microsoft adCentre). Organic results are the result list the search engine thinks are relevant to the search term.

A good optimization strategy aims to position your website as high as possible in the organic search results. This is not something that happens from one day to another. It takes a lot of effort and time. Some of the factors involved are:

  • The key word we are aiming for (is there a lot of competition?)
  • Age of the domain name (the “name” of your website)
  • Quality of your website
  • A good optimization strategy

With the huge penetration of search engines in the way we’re looking for information and services on the Internet, it is necessary to have a more organized strategy so that your audience finds you when it needs you.

Basic elements of a SEO campaign

When designing an optimization campaign for a website, the key factors that we focus on are:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Onsite optimization (Optimization of the website itself)
  • Offsite optimization (Building incoming links from other websites, registration of the website to online catalogues, social media, etc)

Keyword analysis

This is one of the most important steps of an optimization campaign, because it defines the search terms we are aiming for. This is not always easy, because the broader the search term, the bigger the competition, so it is necessary to go with the right strategy. In addition, your website should contain the keywords we want to target (both titles and content) and these keywords should be associated with both the other pages of your website and other websites of your sector.

Onsite SEO

“Onsite SEO” is the process of developing your website in such a way that it is friendly to search engines. By using the phrases and keywords we have come to after analysis of the desired targets, we incorporate them into:

  • Information used by the browser (Title – Meta Description – Meta Keywords)
  • Content Optimization (Text – {Pictures)
  • Internal connection of sub-pages
  • Loading time of website
  • Sitemap creation
  • Quality development (Elimination of programming errors that would affect the ranking of your website)

Each search engine uses a proprietary set of algorithms and techniques in order to determine the relevance of a website with specific keywords. The factors taken into account are many and constantly changing. Our goal is to monitor closely all changes made to these algorithms, in order to always be able to design the most effective strategy possible.

Offsite SEO

By using offsite optimization techniques, we aim for an increase in your website traffic statistics. These techniques include:

  • Backlink Building (Creation of incoming links to your website)
  • Placement of the website in all known search engines
  • Registration of website to all major indexes
  • Registration of the website to online business directories
  • Interconnection with social media

The main goal of all these actions is to expand the available channels of communication with your audience and increase the promoting factor of your company and your services.


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