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Pay Per Click Campaigns Pay-Per-Click advertising (also known as PPC) is the creation, monitoring and optimization of an ad campaign of your company in various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). Since Google is by far the most commonly used search engine, we use the advertising platform of the American company, which is known as Google Adwords.

A Google Adwords campaign may be targeted according to the audience it wants to reach and you pay a corresponding fee only when someone clicks your ad. You may specify the time and day that you want to advertise your business.

When somebody is searching on Google, with a keyword relevant to the subject of your website, your ad appears on the right or at the top of the search results page with the word “Advertisement“.

Why use a Google Adwords campaign?

By using a Google Adwords campaign the right way, you may soon increase the reputation and customer base of your company. With a well-structured Pay-Per-Click campaign, traffic to your website is dramatically increased and new visits are targeted to people that look for your products and services, since you choose the phrases and keywords you want to promote.

More specifically, with a Google Adwords Campaign you may achieve:

  • improvement to your company image
  • more effective advertising of your company products to the Internet
  • sales increase for your products
  • measurable results with detailed traffic data
  • brand awareness

Steps to effectively implementing your advertising campaign:

    • Conducting a market survey to identify the environment in which we will set up the campaign and the presence of competing companies on the Internet.

    • Finding the right keywords that correspond to the style and content of the company and your services.

    • Scheduling of your campaign through the Google Adwords platform:
      • Choosing the time frame of the campaign
      • Choosing the appropriate verbal message
      • Choosing geographical zone
      • Setting the daily price
    • Statistical analysis of the campaign results to compare its effectiveness with the market average.


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