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What is the purpose of a meeting with makemysite?
Our goal in the first meeting is to get to know you and your business better. We intend to understand the area of your activities and to listen to your requirements. Finally, following our question-answer process, we collect useful information which we will analyze further in order to propose the best solution for your business.
Do i need a website?
Of course, either you are an international company or a small shop. It is the first and the most important step in order to take advantage of the Internet world and promote your business through it. What you need is a professional, exclusively designed and structured website, which will show a reliable image of your business. But this is not the end. You also need a stable and effective cooperation for the appropriate guidance, when you need it. As the requirements change in your business, your corporate website and your internet strategy will have to adjust to the change.
Can i manage the content of my website?
Yes. Makemysite implements dynamic websites which allow full administration by you. We provide all the appropriate training and we deliver documented tutorials. Of course, for further more sofisticated modifications, we are always available!
How can i increase my profits via Internet;
Internet includes millions of users all over the world. Your potentials for advertising are infinite and the competition is quite big. With the appropriate strategy and the selection of the appropriate target group for your business you have the best campaign concerning “value-for-money”. Pay-per-click campaigns like Google adwords and Facebook Ads, in which you pay only when someone clicks and access your website, even more cost-effective.
How do i know if my campaign is successful?
Makemysite provides full reports of your campaign process, with diagrams and accurate numbers provided from the platform in which your campaign operates (i.e Google adwords, Facebook ads), which we explain to you. Your campaigns are fully managable and they can be adjusted anytime, according to your needs. We constantly provide appropriate advices and opinions for the best design of your online marketing campaign.
How do i know if my website has visitors?
Using the appropriate tools that will be accesible by you 24/7 you will be able to monitor your website statistics and find accurate numbers and diagrams. You will be able to find information like where your visitors come from, how much time they stayed in your website, which pages they visited and many more accurate statistics. In makemysite we monitor these statistics and we analyze them for you. These statistics are one more tool in order to prepare your strategy on the Internet and adjust it for you.


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