Profile and company culture

Makemysite is a web services company run by young professionals with knowledge and experience in the IT and Marketing. We co-operate with similarly experienced professionals that may prove useful to the development of your business like art & design, video production, φωτογραφία etc.

We have two immediate goals, to meet the demands of your business and become your reliable partner advising you at all times about the best possible online advertising strategy and company image and your internal organization with the use of technology.

Having our goals in mind, we are constantly working to be included among the best web services providers and technology consultants. Our success depends on your success!

We founded makemysite in June 2010 in order to assist businesses to develop through technology and the Internet. Our goal is to develop relationships of trust and cooperation with every entrepreneur who wants ideas and solutions continuously, in order to promote the services they offer. We expect that our passion and our know-how in technology will promote the development of new companies in Greece and abroad.

makemysite team